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Help elect a judge to County Court at Law #3 who will not legislate from the bench and is ready to serve on DAY ONE as judge in all criminal, civil and family law cases.

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Relevant Experience… from Day One


“I am running for County Court at Law #3 for family and community. I want to help shape a better future and a safer place for all our children. I want to help see justice done in Smith County, ensuring fairness and impartiality in all legal proceedings that come before me. Applying the law faithfully as written, not legislating from the bench.

 “I am a prosecutor, former defense attorney, and former Municipal Judge with over a decade of misdemeanor and felony trial experience.

 “As a conservative Christian, husband, and father, I want to see that our community is protected and lawbreakers are held accountable. I’m the only candidate with significant recent experience in criminal law who is prepared to handle criminal, civil, and family law cases on day one.” 


Trevor M. Rose

Republican Candidate for Judge,
Smith County Court at Law #3


Since criminal filings constitute 65% of County Court at Law #3’s caseload, that means with 2,100 cases on the docket, 1,400 are criminal cases.

 Trevor Rose is the only candidate with the dedication, energy and the 10-plus years of criminal jury trial experience needed to help clear the criminal caseload in County Court at Law #3 in Smith County and start DAY ONE.


Trevor Rose has been involved in prosecuting over 4,000 criminal cases in Smith County and Cherokee Counties, managing over 3,500 misdemeanor cases from intake to trial, and presenting more than 525 cases to the Smith County Grand Jury.

 He also has significant experience in family, and juvenile law; medical and physician contract reviews, wills and estate planning, and civil litigation.


Trevor’s experience is current and can enable him to efficiently move criminal cases day one and work with all the Judges, both County and District to help move people out of jail, saving money for the citizens of Smith County.

 While better planning, updated technologies and greater diligence can improve efficiency,Trevor will never lose sight of the role of the Judiciary in providing a forum for parties to contest their grievances.

Campaign Promises 

 Recognizing his full accountability to you, Trevor Rose promises that: 

l. Litigants will get a fair and speedy trial. He will work diligently to give lawyers prompt rulings on motions before the Court.

 2. First-time misdemeanor crime will be treated seriously. He believes it is important to get the attention of first time offenders to help deter a life of crime.

3. Probationers will be held accountable. Individuals placed on probation for criminal offenses will be expected to abide by the conditions the court imposes. 

4. Convicted offenders will be accountable to victims. Rights of victims will be recognized including full restitution when authorized by law.

5. He has no outside business interests.  He will be a full time judge for a full time job. Available to fully and completely evaluate cases so justice is served.

6. Willing to work with District Courts to relieve their back-log of cases caused by Covid protocols. This will allow District Courts to attend to non-concurrent criminal felonies.


Elect Trevor M. Rose for Judge,
Smith County Court at Law #3


Relevant Experience… from Day One


Campaign News

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Rose Announces Campaign for Judge, Smith County Court at Law #3

Smith County Felony Prosecutor Trevor M. Rose announced today his intention to file as a Republican candidate for Judge of County Court at Law #3

ELECTION DATES (As of May 1, 2021 and subject to change)

• January 31, 2022 (Monday) – Last day to Register to Vote

• February 14, 2022 (Friday) – First day of Early Voting in Person

• February 25, 2022 (Friday) – Last day of Early Voting in Person

• March 1, 2022 (Tuesday) – Election Day