What are the locations, dates and times for the March 1, 2002 Republican Primary?

Smith County operates five early voting locations:

Early Voting locations are:

1. Main Location: The HUB @ 304 E. Ferguson St., Tyler

2. Heritage Building @ 1900 Bellwood Rd., Tyler

3. Lindale Masonic Lodge @ 200 W. Margaret St., Lindale

4. Noonday Community Center @ 16662 CR 196, Noonday

5. Whitehouse United Methodist Church @ 405 W. Main St., Whitehouse

Early Voting Dates and Hours are:

Monday – Friday, February 14-18 from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, February 19 from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Sunday, February 20 from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Tuesday-Friday, February 22-25 from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

This primary is operated as a joint election for both Republican and Democrat Parties.

What are the current duties of County Court at Law #3?

As reported on Smith County’s website, CCL#3 is the “designated court for juvenile matters, and also handles Class A/B adult misdemeanors. It has jurisdiction over civil matters, with no limit on the amount in controversy.”

Will County Court at Law #3’s jurisdiction change starting 2023?

Yes. As of January 1, 2023, Criminal and Family Law cases will be handled in CCL#3, with the majority being criminal. CCL#3 will no longer handle juvenile matters.

What are Trevor’s qualifications to be Judge of County Court at Law #3?

Trevor is a criminal prosecutor, former defense attorney, and former Municipal Judge with over a decade of misdemeanor and felony trial experience who has experience and training in civil and family law.  

Why is Trevor more qualified than his opponents?

In a court that handles mostly criminal matters and criminally related civil matters (bond forfeitures, warrants, etc.), Trevor is the only candidate with significant recent criminal experience. 

“Getting criminal decisions right the first time is critically important because of the nature of criminal law: that of personal freedom and liberty. I have the training and relevant experience in criminal law…and am qualified and prepared to handle a CCL#3 caseload that is 65% criminal…beginning DAY ONE.”Trevor Rose

What are the three main issues in this race?

1. CRIMINAL CASE BACKLOG. Since criminal filings constitute 65% of County Court at Law #3’s caseload, that means with 2,100 cases on the docket, 1,400 are criminal cases.

Trevor is the only candidate with the dedication, energy, and 10-plus years of criminal jury trial experience needed to help clear the criminal caseload in County Court at Law #3 in Smith County and start DAY ONE.

2. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE. Trevor has prosecuted over 4,000 criminal cases in Smith County and Cherokee Counties, managing over 3,500 misdemeanor cases from intake to trial, and presenting more than 525 cases to the Smith County Grand Jury. He is current on Texas criminal law because he deals with it daily.

He also has significant experience in family and juvenile law, medical and physician contract reviews, wills and estate planning, and civil litigation. 

3. USER-FRIENDLY EFFICIENCY. Trevor’s experience is current and can enable him to efficiently move criminal cases day one and work with all the Judges, both County and District, to help move people out of County jail and into State custody, saving money for the citizens of Smith County.

While better planning, updated technologies, and greater diligence can improve efficiency, Trevor will never lose sight of the role of the Judiciary in providing a forum for parties to contest their grievances. 

What promises did Trevor make when he announced?

“I can promise you three things: (1) litigants will get fair and speedy trials aided by prompt rulings on motions before the Court, (2) first-time misdemeanor crime will be treated seriously, and probationers will be held accountable, and (3) convicted offenders will also be held accountable to victims, including full restitution when authorized by law.”- Trevor Rose

What is the criminal caseload in our County Courts at Law?

For a perspective, in 2019, 6,208 new cases were filed in all three County Courts at Law. Of that, 4,129, or 66.5 %, were criminal cases. The balance included civil, family, CPS, probate, and juvenile, the latter moving out of CCL3 in 2023. 

In 2020, 1,584 cases were filed in CCL#3 alone. Of that 1,004, or 63.4% were criminal cases.

What is the difference between civil and criminal law?

Civil cases usually involve private disputes between persons or organizations such as contracts, debt, wage garnishment, or motor vehicles.

Family law is a civil case that generally involves issues between or concerning spouses, parents, or children, including divorce, child support, or enforcement/modification of orders. 

Criminal cases involve an action that is considered harmful to society as a whole, tending to be more violent, invasive and that may result in bodily harm.

What types of criminal cases are handled in CCL#3?

County Court at Law #3 hears Class A/B adult criminal misdemeanors. 

Class A misdemeanors include, in part:  DWI (2nd offense), DWI (BAC >.15), Assault causing bodily injury, Family violence assault, Unlawfully carrying a weapon, Possession of marijuana  (more than 2, less than 4 oz.), Resisting arrest, Domestic Violence, Burglary of a vehicle, Unlawful restraint, and Violation of a protective order.

Class B misdemeanors include, in part: Driving While Intoxicated (first offense), Terroristic Threat, Indecent Exposure, Evading arrest on foot, Harassment, Criminal trespass, Possession of marijuana (under 2 oz.), Prostitution, and Reckless driving.

What does Trevor mean by “Relevant Experience”?

Relevant experience means that CCL#3 needs a judge on the bench that understands, practices daily, and has current knowledge on the kind of criminal trial law that dominates 65% of the Court’s caseload. Conversely, experience in doing law that the Court doesn’t do isn’t relevant and won’t help the County move its caseload.

What will Trevor do to save tax dollars for Smith County taxpayers?

First, Trevor will offer to assist District Courts in working through their criminal case backlog caused by Covid-19. 

This procedure is doable since CCL#3 is allowed to hear State Jail and 3rd Degree Felonies. Trevor is willing to work with the District Court to listen to some of those cases, thus allowing the District Courts to proceed on higher-level felonies.

As a result of the reduced need for visiting judges and moving inmates out of County jail and into State custody, this initiative by Trevor will save taxpayer dollars.

According to a 2016 Texas Criminal Justice Coalition report, it costs Smith County $59 per inmate per day to house and feed its jail population, now numbering more than 1,000. (In addition, inmate health care, as contracted by Smith County on January 24, 2021, costs $2.86 million annually.)

Only Trevor, as a current Felony prosecutor, has the experience necessary to handle this dollar-saving caseload transfer and start that process on DAY ONE.