Hey. Working from ICU. Your update was concise. I’m long-winded but will try to give cliff notes.

So, I assume – same/same: overlapping chronic disease with diabetes as the unfortunate driver? Scratch that. Diabetes is not the driver. There is a root cause. I’ve been down the rabbit hole, learning the pathology, the metabolic pathways, the culprits. For another text. :)You’re likely, mostly up to date on Kim. She started fainting (neurocardiogenic syncope) wayyyy back, fell, broke her ankle super bad, multiple surgeries, the incision never healed, the bones didn’t heal (diabetic neuropathy) and her foot developed necrosis. 

 Eventually (2.5 months ago) they amputated. Note: she was in the hospital a month leading up to that for an entire month. They were trying to give it time.  

 Post amputation, her other foot developed issues while in the hospital, it worsened at home, her cardiovascular surgeon (who has saved her life countless times) tried to open up the artery to restore blood flow and save it but… that failed, leading to the 2nd (bi-lateral) amputation. 

That brings us current (well, 3 weeks ago) when she arrived for surgery. Post surgery, she lapsed into a morphine funk (because her liver & kidneys are seriously compromised… can’t remove the toxins effectively) that almost killed her. When she emerged on the other side, she had fluid build up which turned into pneumonia, which had everyone working feverishly to save her. 

They threatened to intubate many times. We were able to steer clear. She does not have Covid. And, she is nowhere near where Russ is. 

We were very concerned we were going to lose her several times in this battle. Her condition is grim on many levels; mostly all related to her metabolic health (reference: metabolic syndrome: 88% of Americans have). 

She now weighs 128 lbs. She is skin and bones. Nursing homes are full of patients who pass from sarcapenia. Muscles are our primary metabolic currency. You lose muscle, you lose your ability to pull glucose from your blood. Super bad for a diabetic.

Anyway, today was the first day she hasn’t been on the biPap machine 24/7. They’re cycling off and on. So I’m really encouraged… tonight. She’s on the high flow canister. Huge! So there’s a praise report.

Long road ahead. She can’t sit up in bed. If they sit her up, she just falls over. She has lost almost all strength. In and out of the hospital for a year. Each time she loses momentum.

This tour of duty has been the worst, obviously… and we aren’t sure how we’re going to cope at home. I have to lift her about 20X per day, from bed to potty to wheelchair to lazy boy and back. Now with no legs, there’s no kick stand… :). Whole new world. Anyway… sry for the long diatribe.

Please keep us updated on Russ’s status if possible… when possible. No pressure. Just know we’re praying for him, for you and all of you amazing, hardcore, adorable, loveable Baskins.